Wait, Did 'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Just Quietly Get a MAJOR Clue About Ellen Pompeo's Return?

Wait, Did 'Grey's Anatomy' Fans Just Quietly Get a MAJOR Clue About Ellen Pompeo's Return?

Well, folks, we are about to witness a new era Grey’s Anatomy. During the spring season 19 premiere, fans saw Ellen Pompeo leaving the ABC series after portraying Meredith Gray since the pilot.

No one can deny that the central character tugged at the heartstrings through moments of love, death and endurance. She also left viewers screaming and wondering what will happen to the long-running show.

Despite Meredith unexpectedly taking off her scrubs at Gray Sloan, the end of last week’s episode may have dropped an important clue for fans. In his last moments, the former chief of operations flies to Boston to take a research position and create a better life for his three children.

But as the flight begins to take off, she has a difficult conversation with Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman), who tried to convince her to stay together in the midst of a long-distance romance. Instead, she leaves him with a string attached, saying she can’t hear him during takeoff.

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Did Grey’s Anatomy create an opportunity for Meredith to return?

Based on some clues, the show definitely did … but it might not be in the way fans expect.

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Grey’s Anatomy | 19×07 | Meredith hangs up on Nick after he tells her he loves her

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When Station 19 star (and earlier Grey’s cast member) Jason George faced questions about Ellen’s potential comeback Grey’s Anatomy, he had some thoughts on how Meredith could be reintroduced to longtime fans. He also shared a big clue about Ellen’s involvement even after her character left.

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But Jason wasn’t the only person who had ideas about the main character appearing in future episodes. Ellen herself also confirmed that Meredith’s last day at Gray Sloan is coming not be the last time she appears. Additionally, she referred to her exit as more of a “see you later” than a proper goodbye.

“For the record, it’s not really my finale,” she clarified Entertainment tonight at New York Fashion Week. “It’s a bit of a trick they play on people… It’s my last episode for a while.”

As for what will bring Meredith back to Seattle, we’ll have to keep watching week by week. But Deadline reported in August 2022 that Ellen will be in eight episodes throughout Season 19. Considering how she’s been in seven so far, it’s only a matter of time before we welcome Meredith back with open arms.

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