Watch Jenna Ortega Step Out in the Most Epic Leather Corset Dress

Watch Jenna Ortega Step Out in the Most Epic Leather Corset Dress

  • Jenna Ortega on red carpet at the SAG Awards in a dress that was *everything*.
  • While wearing the towering dress, the actress got busy showing off her perfectly sculpted legs for all to see.
  • Jenna loves to focus on her legs during workouts and follows a mostly pescatarian diet.

Jenna Ortega is everywhere this awards season and, rightfully so. I mean, have you seen Wednesday? Well, Jenna won Best Actress in a Comedy Series, and she brought her fashion A-game along for the ride.

In photos from the red carpet, the young actress totally worked a stunning, sculpted, strapless Versace gown with a high slit that showed off her super strong legs. Twenty-year-old Jenna also posted several behind-the-scenes photos on Instagram and her IG Stories of the look, writing “the biggest ever” over one. Agreed.

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Naturally, her friends and fans totally freaked out in the comments. “Queen of the world,” wrote one, while another said, “WOAH WOAH WOAHHH.”

Here’s another look at the ‘fit:

Jenna Ortega hits the SAG Awards red carpet.

Jenna clearly hasn’t been slacking off on the leg day recently, and she shared earlier Women’s health that she is a big fan of strength training. “I love doing squats,” she said.

“I just feel so confident in what I’m doing and I just know that my form – if I’m lifting weights or something, I just know that my form is 100% correct because I know exactly what I’m doing. So it’s become my favorite thing to practice.”

Jenna Ortega
Jenna Ortega

No shock here — Jenna also said she loves to focus on her legs. “I just feel like they’ve always been the strongest part of my body,” she said. “I love running. I loved playing soccer growing up.”

Jenna told earlier Wire bound that she likes to do her own stunts whenever possible. “I’m going to throw myself on the floor, off a wall,” she said.

Oh, and the actress recently appeared in an Adidas ad, showing off her yoga skills — and impressively toned core — in the process:

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On the food front, Jenna shared The strategist that she is mostly a pescatarian. She also starts taking ginger shots while filming Wednesday and is obsessed with popcorn – especially from the brand Lesser Evil.

Jenna Ortega Is Unrecognizable in a No-Makeup Lingerie Selfie
Jenna Ortega Is Unrecognizable in a No-Makeup Lingerie Selfie

“It feels so light and refreshing,” she said. “I mean, popcorn is popcorn. It’s going to taste good no matter what, but if I’m going to be picky, and if I’m buying popcorn for myself, this is the brand I go to.”

By the way, she says she could “drink” Tapatío hot sauce. “If I could have every meal with hot sauce on it, I would,” she said. “Tapatío is by far my favorite. It has more of a kick than Cholula, and Tabasco doesn’t have enough flavor for me.

Having grown up with Tapatío, it’s ingrained in my brain that this is the right hot sauce. I ” I’m like, ‘This is what I should be using for the rest of my life.’ And I’m not mad about it.”

Go, Jenna, go!

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