Joe Rogan Accused Serena Williams Of Using Steroids

Comedian Bryan Callen Caused Controversy When He Claimed That Serena Williams Had Taken Performanceenhancing Drugs

People Were Arguing Over Whether Rogans Comments Were Acceptable Or Not

Rogan Said That Serena Williams Is Always Going To Be Faster And Stronger Than A Lot Of Men

Some Claimed That Rogan Wasnt In A Position To Assume Whether Williams Was Using Steroids Or Not

Rogan Didnt Accuse Williams Of Using Steroids Because He Didnt Want To Offend Anyone

The General Public Should Be Free To Talk About Steroid Use In Sports Without Being Criticized

Rogan Was Not In A Position To Comment On Whether Williams Was Taking Performanceenhancing Drugs Or Not

Rogans Remarks Were Considered Damaging And Disrespectful Because They Were Believed To Convey The Idea That Using Steroids Is Normal In Sports