John Cena Still Makes Millions From Wwe After Leaving

John Cena Makes Millions From Wwe After Leaving

John Cena Is Arguably One Of The Greatest Professional Wrestlers Of All Time Because Of His Success In The Wwe

One Of The Bigname Stars In The World Of Hollywood Is The 16Time Wwe Champion

Many People Dont Know That His Name Is Owned By The Wwe And Vince Mcmahon

The Wwe Legend Admitted In An Interview That He Doesnt Have An Issue With Owning His Government Name

He Said He Doesnt Mind Kicking A Percentage Of His Earnings To The Person Who Gave Him An Opportunity

Despite Being A Parttime Wrestler Wwe Still Pays Him A Lot Of Money

The Veteran Wrestler Had His Last Match In The Wwe When He Teamed Up With Kevin Owens

Wrestlemania 39 Is Expected To Be Held In April And He Is Rumored To Face The Current United States Champion At The Show Of Shows