Netflix Removes A Bit From Chris Rock’S Comedy Special Written By Yash Singh

Chris Rock Kept Mum For A Year After The Infamous Oscar Slap Incident Involving Will Smith.

A Joke About Will Smith From The Special Has Been Edited Out By The Streamer.

He Joke Was Basically An Error When Rock Recalls A Conversation With Smith At The 2016 Oscars.

Years Ago His Wife Said I Should Quit The Oscars; I Shouldn’T Host ’Cause Her Man Didn’T Get Nominated For Emancipation The Biggest Piece Of Shit Ever! ” Rock Said.

He Immediately Acknowledged His Error And Said: “ No Not Emancipation I Fucked Up The Joke .”

Rock Was Supposed To Joke About Smith’S 2015 Film ‘ Concussion .’ After Realizing The Error He Continued With The Joke.

In His Special The Comedian Slammed Smith For Practicing “Selective Outrage. ”

He Also Talked About Jada Pinkett Smith Cheating On Her Husband. “ She Hurt Him Way More Than He Hurt Me. Everybody In The World Called Him A Bitch “.

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