Roman Reigns Vs Semi Zayn will be in Elimination Chamber

Roman Reigns And Kevin Owens Compete In The Main Event Of Royal Rumble 2023 Imagewwe

In This Match, Roman Rance Was Going To Make A Big Decision Over Sammy Zayn, Sammy Had To Pass The Final Test Here Imagewwe

Roman Rance Started Hitting Kevin Owens Badly In Front Of Sammy, Sammy Could Not See All This And Retaliated Imagewwe

Sammy Attacked Roman Rance With A Chair Here. After This The Usos And Solo Sequoia Started Beating On Sammy Imagewwe

Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn Were Subjected To The Wrath Of Roman Reigns Here Imagewwe

The Company'S Next Big Event Elimination Chamber Will Be On February 18 Next Month Imagewwe

Current Reports Suggest That Reigns Will Have A Match With Sami Zayn At The Event Imagewwe

Actually The Elimination Chamber Is Going To Be Held In Canada And Semi Jain Is From Canada Which Can Benefit Wwe Paisagarcom Paisagarcom Imagewwe