Selena Gomez Says She Lied About Body-Shaming Not Affecting Her Written By Yash Singh

Selena Gomez Is One Of Those Celebrities Who Has Been Vocal About Important Issues.

She Recently Said She Lied About The Fact That Body-Shaming Did Not Affect Her.

“ I Lied. I Would Go Online And I Would Post A Picture And I Would Say ‘It Doesn’T Matter. I’M Not Accepting What You’Re Saying '” She Said.

Gomez Said That Despite Trying To Stay Strong She Would Still Be “ Crying ” Her “ Eyes Out Because No One Deserves To Hear Those Things .”

She Said That She Maintained A Strong Demeanor Because “ I Didn’T Want It To Bother Other People Who Are Experiencing The Same Thing .”

In 2014 Gomez Was Diagnosed With Lupus And Has Since Been Using Medications For It.

She Has Been Targeted By Trolls For Her Weight Gain Caused By Lupus Medication.

“ When I’M Taking It I Tend To Hold A Lot Of Water Weight And That Happens Very Normally “ She Said.

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