Shaquille Addressed The Critics Who Were Unsatisfied By Rihanna’S Halftime Show Performance.

He Asked Them To Shut Up And Stop Attacking The Singer Who He Saw At The Super Bowl Live.

The Former Basketballer Believed That She Gave A Great Show Considering That She Is Pregnant.

The Sportsman Man’S Defense Comes After Safaree Showed His Support For The Singer.

The Rapper Had Told Haters That Rihanna Slander Would Not Be Tolerated.

The Statement Got The Approval Of Numerous Rihanna Fans Who Told Him As Much.

Howard Stern Claimed That The Singer Lip-Synced 85% Of Her Songs During The Performance.

He Also Took A Jab At Her Pregnancy And Made A Vulgar Joke.

Donald Trump Similarly Attacked Rihanna For Giving The ‘Single Worst’ Super Bowl Performance. Learn More