Why Bam Margera's estranged husband, Nicole Boyd, filed for a legal split

Why Bam Margera’s estranged husband, Nicole Boyd, filed for a legal split

Bam Margera’s estranged spouse, Nicole Boyd, allegedly requested legal separation from the “Ass” alum after a meeting with their child, Phoenix.

The model’s attorney, David Glass, told TMZ Thursday that she was available the last time the assistant spent time with the 5-year-old, believed he was impaired and acted “inappropriately.”

However, Boyd, 39, made the difficult decision to go on record “to protect herself and her child”.

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The power source let it be known about Boyd’s legitimate choice on Wednesday, with the entertainer citing hostile contrasts in her administrative work in Los Angeles at the time.

Boyd allegedly requested both legal and actual care of Phoenix, as well as spousal support.

The photographer has been linked to Bam since October 2013, and they became guardians four years after their pre-wedding ceremony in Iceland.

Boyd recently requested full authority for his little one in 2021 amid Margera’s substance abuse problems.

The former expert skateboarder has been in and out of recovery since 2009. This year alone, Margera has stood out as real newsworthy for walking away from court-ordered restoration offices at numerous events.

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His former co-star Steve-O, himself 14 years sober, recently asked Margera to find support.

In the wake of claiming via Instagram that the ‘Viva La Bam’ alum was ‘stacked’ after his show, Steve-O expressed: ‘You say you have to have a relationship with your child, but your activities ensure that the specific reverse occurs.

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