Zac Stacy’s Battered Ex-Girlfriend

Zac Stacy’s Battered Ex-Girlfriend Begs For Mental Health Intervention For Sake Of The Kids

Kristin Evans defends Zac Stacy

The mother of Zac’s son was the one who released the video where the ex-NFLer literally threw her into a TV and repeatedly hit her with what looks like both open and closed fists. Now she sings another song.

Kristin, hoping to save her son’s childhood, made a video and posted it on her Instagram pleading with the court system to let the father of her child go and instead let him enter a mental institution.

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Zac Stacy’s Ex-Girlfriend
Zac Stacy’s Ex-Girlfriend

She and Zac believe he suffered from a traumatic brain injury after years of playing the tough contact sport he played for essentially his entire young adult life. Along with the video, she shared a lengthy message of support for Zac who made the decision on his own to seek help.

Kristin Evans shares her faith

“Prison does not offer resources needed for mental health patients. It is not rehabilitative. The jail and prison system is punishment in an authoritarian society designed to oppress,” she begins her message.

“I did not advocate prison because of the lack of resources, the lack of rehabilitation, the lack of mental health education and the psychological impact it could have on our son, who has already developed a relationship with his father.”

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Zac Stacy’s Ex-Girlfriend
Zac Stacy’s Ex-Girlfriend

According to Kristin, Zac and his son have a great relationship and she would rather nurture that than make things worse for both parties in the long run.

“Our son consistently FaceTimes his dad several times a week, he spends the entire weekend every other weekend, and he deserves to have that.”

Kristin Evans doesn’t need the backlash

In the same message, Kristin addressed the inevitable haters for her personal choice. “So please give me some grace to understand that I’m not making it easy for Zac, but I’m trying to protect our son from further trauma.”

she adds. “Nothing is black and white and not all offenders are the same. People who are willing to put in the work to get better deserve an opportunity to show they can get better. Especially with a diagnosable mental illness and significant head trauma caused by football.

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Kristin also addressed the situation in the accompanying video, assuring listeners that she posted the video in the first place because Zac was unrepentant and felt he needed to learn a lesson.

Zac Stacy finally got it

When the former professional athlete began to realize and show physical remorse for his actions, she decided to help him along the way in a capacity that was convenient for her.

Zac was recently sentenced to 6 months in prison for the incident in 2021, but what he really wanted was a mental health facility to continue his recovery journey.

Zac Stacy’s Battered Ex-Girlfriend
Zac Stacy’s Battered Ex-Girlfriend

Kristin shared that it was Zac who chose to seek mental health help, he was the one who sought out how he was wrong in this incident, and he was the one who realized firsthand how much he had lost in a split second.

Kristin also admitted that she is the one who has to deal with and “co-parent with this man” as he sought CBT therapy and seeing his behavior change as seeking help is what drives her today to advocate for him to get actual help and not be locked behind bars.

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