Chelsea Handler Speaks Up Against LGBTQ+ Censorship In Florida Schools

Just weeks after calling out George Santos for defrauding a veteran and denying his sexuality, the comedian has come to some educational institutions that are removing books related to LGBTQ+ topics. She drove home her point in a clip she posted on social media alongside a toddler whose relationship to her is unknown.


Chelsea Handler partners with student to give Florida THIS message

In addition to making people laugh, Handler has made a name for herself as an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. The “Chelsea Lately” alum reminded her fans of her status when she uploaded a video showing her wearing a ski outfit in a snowy setting recently.

The clip began with the comedian and her assistant – Charley – introducing themselves before delving into what prompted the filming – the books being banned from school libraries. In the words of the 48-year-old:

“Recently in Florida, because of course it is Florida, public schools and libraries are forced to purge their bookshelves of any literature that contains even a subtle hint of LGBTQ characters or romances. Teachers are forced to hide these books or face felony charges from the state.”

After Charley pointed out that teachers already had it “rough enough,” Handler informed Florida that there were “a lot of other things to clean up” in the state, including “alligators, adults going to Disney World by themselves, and pythons.”

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The young student then highlighted the need to “create a school environment that is inclusive and ready to welcome children with open arms,” ​​before Handler joked:

“What will be banned next? Books that show women doing well? Let’s show our support and solidarity to our teachers who have to continue to put up with your ugly children. And now a government that wants to put them in jail for have children read “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.”

As expected, the candid dialogue received support from Handler’s fans as they took to the comments section to share their pleasantries.

Leading the charge was a former teacher who thanked the comedian before noting: “We need MORE convos about what’s going on in education. The Lorax is also a banned book. WTAF?!”

“Thank you Charlie, for your smart and thoughtful public service announcement! Kids should read it all!” a second person commented, while a third asked: “Ugh, it’s 2023. Why do people still think like this? Can’t we just accept everyone no matter what they believe or who they love?!”

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We are losing excellent teachers because of the hostility in our community as well.” A fifth commenter argued:

“You’re great on your own but so much better with Charlie (sp?) by your side. Florida should clean out Desantis instead.”

In case you missed it, Gov. Ron DeSantis has been on a warpath with the LGBTQ+ community since last year when he signed the controversial bill barring Florida schools from teaching students about gender issues and sexual orientation. The bill stipulated that any teacher caught violating the stipulated conditions would receive summonses.

The ‘Totally High’ actress marked her 48th year milestone in enviable fashion

Tops reported that Handler spared no expense when she celebrated her 48th birthday last month. For this year’s event, which she showed off on Instagram, she wore a strapless bikini top created from a Canadian and US flag mash-up, a plain black bottom and a matching beanie.

Despite the cold temperature at her location, Handler appeared unbothered as she skated with reckless abandon in the snow before enjoying a glass of beer and a smoke.

Featuring Eminem’s 2002 song, “Without me,” the adventurous post read, “48! Salud!” The video has been played over four million times and has received nearly 490,000 likes and 17.6,000 comments.

A look at the comments section revealed that Handler’s fans and other celebrities were living vicariously through her as Sophia Bush exclaimed, “I’m obsessed with you! 🔥.”

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