Lagos, Nigeria fire kills

“Dramatic Fire Rescue on Lagos Bridge! See the Intense Battle Unfold

Dramatic Fire Rescue on Lagos Bridge: The Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service has also confirmed this incident, issuing a fire alert. In a related development, they are actively combating a tanker fire at the Lagos Quadrapont Bridge near the National Arts Theater in Iganmu. The Sari Iganmu and Ilupeju Fire Crews are combining their efforts to control the intense blaze.

Operatives from the agency are currently on-site, working diligently to combat the raging inferno.This incident occurred just hours after a fuel-laden tanker toppled over on the Otedola Bridge in the Berger area of Lagos State. Although there were no reported casualties, some residents were observed scooping the spilled contents without considering the associated risks.

Dramatic Fire Rescue on Lagos Bridge

When asked for details of the incident, Adebayo Taofiq, the agency’s spokesperson, promised to provide information to our correspondent. An eyewitness, speaking on condition of anonymity, recounted, “The container was coming from Apapa. You may also read Dragon Ball Daima Akira Toriyama’s EPIC Return.

petrol tanker explodes in Lagos
petrol tanker explodes in Lagos

It attempted to ascend the bridge leading to Orile but couldn’t make it, resulting in its fall at the bridge’s tail end. Subsequently, it collided with a fuel tanker, causing it to erupt in flames.”

The eyewitness also reported that approximately 10 vehicles were trapped with their occupants. He added, “Fire service personnel from the Iganmu station promptly arrived at the scene.”

While the exact number of people trapped in the inferno remains uncertain, initial assessments indicated that the multiple accidents involved three container-laden trucks.

petrol tanker explodes in Lagos
petrol tanker explodes in Lagos

Additionally, two tankers carrying unidentified but highly inflammable contents, one tipper truck loaded with gravel, one flatbed truck, and three cars were affected.To address this situation, four fire trucks are currently deployed on-site, alongside LASTMA, LASEMA, and the Nigeria Police.

See the Intense Battle Unfold

According to the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, the tanker trapped a 14-seater bus, and all three of its occupants were safely evacuated. Discussing the accident, Dr. Femi Oke-Osanyintolu, the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), who had alerted the public about the fallen fuel tanker, stated. You should also check Unlocking Dark Secrets in ‘The Fall of the House of Usher.

“We received an alert about the above-captioned scene and have activated the state emergency response plan. The agency and other first responders intend to remain on high alert until repairs are fully completed.”

Tanker explosion destroys 11 vehicles at Iganmu bridge
Tanker explosion destroys 11 vehicles at Iganmu bridge

Another observer, Ademola Jide, who dismissed the claim of a potential fire outbreak, said, “Nothing is happening. It’s better to contain it than let it go to waste.”Upon arrival at the scene, firefighters from the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service promptly applied chemical foam to neutralize the combustive substance.

At around 5:12 pm, the agency’s Director, Adeseye Magret, reported, “The Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service is currently mitigating spillage from a 33,000-liter tanker that accidentally lost control. The tanker is also trapping a 14-seater company bus, from which three occupants have been safely evacuated without injuries.”

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