Super Mario Wonder

Exploring the Wonder of Multiplayer Chaos in Mario Games

Super Mario Wonder: Mario games have a rich history of delivering exceptional multiplayer experiences that transcend generations. Back in the early days, players eagerly passed controllers between friends and siblings, engaging in lighthearted debates over the coveted roles of Mario and Luigi.

As time progressed, the multiplayer aspect evolved, and in modern 2D Mario games, up to four players can now join forces on a shared screen. Together, they sprint through Mario’s vibrant, abstract levels, vying for sparkling coins and prized power-ups.

However, this family-friendly multiplayer fun can occasionally spiral into delightful chaos. Some players find themselves left behind as others dash ahead, often leading to friendly disputes over who should ride Yoshi or claim victory atop the flagpole.

Venturing Beyond the Mushroom Kingdom

In the heat of the moment, siblings might engage in playful head-jumping or even engage in good-natured shoving. At times, parents, even those well-versed in Mario’s adventures, might humorously consider the idea of tossing either the console or one of the kids out of the living room window!

While 3D Mario games have taken players on thrilling adventures in diverse settings, from tropical islands to outer space and even a Bowser Kaiju arena, the 2D Mario game “Wonder” offers something entirely new. Instead of the classic scenario where Bowser captures a Princess, “Wonder” unfolds a unique narrative. You may also read Epic Boss Battles, Streamlined Inventories & More in Diablo 4 Season 2.

Venturing Beyond the Mushroom Kingdom
Venturing Beyond the Mushroom Kingdom

The story commences when a Wonder Flower unexpectedly transforms Bowser into a talking, flying castle after he invades the home of the caterpillar Prince Florian. Unexpectedly, Florian becomes an ally, joining forces with Mario and friends on a quest to restore the Flower Kingdom.

This journey involves collecting hidden Wonder Seeds scattered across seven distinctive worlds, all while Castle Bowser ominously hovers above the center of the map.

Embracing Novel Gameplay Elements Badges and Power-Ups

Introducing a fresh twist to the traditional 2D Mario formula, “Wonder” brings us the concept of Badges. These Badges, numbering around two dozen, offer various unlockable active and passive abilities that players can choose to bring into each level.

Embracing Novel Gameplay Elements Badges and Power-Ups
Embracing Novel Gameplay Elements Badges and Power-Ups

Whether it’s the Boosting Spin Jump, Grappling Vine, Safety Bounce, or Sensor, these Badges provide players with the power to tailor their playstyle to their liking. They not only offer enhanced control over their adventures but also elevate the replayability of the game, adding an extra layer of enjoyment.

Pondering the Quest for Mario’s Next 3D Odyssey

Despite the infectious joy that radiates from most of “2D Super Mario Bros. Wonder,” it doesn’t quite reach the heights of the last mainline 3D Mario masterpiece, “Super Mario Odyssey.” The music, while not unpleasant, surprisingly lacks the memorable quality found in other Mario titles.

Pondering the Quest for Mario's Next 3D Odyssey
Pondering the Quest for Mario’s Next 3D Odyssey

While there are certainly some challenging stages, “Wonder” falls a bit short in the difficulty department, leaving long-time Mario veterans yearning for a more substantial challenge. Nevertheless, Mario games cater to players of all ages, and my daughter particularly enjoyed playing as Nabbit. You should also check Dive into Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

A character impervious to enemy attacks, making for a more enjoyable experience as we tackled many of the stages together. Despite this, anticipation for Mario’s next 3D adventure continues to grow, especially as the calendar moves past six years since the release of “Super Mario Odyssey.”

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