July To October 2024 Calendar

July To October 2024 Calendar Printable Download

Looking for printable July to October 2024 calendar templates to streamline your planning? Discover our free, customizable Word, Excel, PDF, and JPG formats—a perfect match for organizing your upcoming four months effortlessly.

In a world where time is precious, our July to October 2024 Printable Calendar acts as your indispensable scheduling ally. This calendar streamlines your busy lifestyle, whether you’re a professional handling multiple projects, a student managing studies, or a homemaker juggling various responsibilities.

July To October 2024 Printable Calendar 

The July To October 2024 Calendar, which can be printed, is an excellent tool for staying organized and up-to-date with all your commitments.

Visualize your next four months with ease. Beyond mere dates, this calendar is a decision-making powerhouse, granting you a comprehensive overview for strategic scheduling across days, weeks, and months.

Wave goodbye to chaos! Our calendar is engineered to streamline your routine, guiding you toward smarter time management and clearer priorities.

July To October 2024 Printable Template PDF Word Excel
July To October 2024 Calendar Excel
Black and White July To October 2024 Calendar
July To October 2024 Calendar Printable Template
July To October 2024 Printable Calendar
July To October 2024 Printable Calendar
July To October 2024 Holidays Calendar Printable
July To October 2024 Holidays Calendar Printable
July To October Calendar 2024
July To October 2024 Calendar Printable PDF
July To October 2024 Calendar
July To October 2024 Calendar

July to October 2024 Calendar Holidays & Events

July 7SundayIslamic New Year / Hijra New Year (1446)Muslim
July 16TuesdayAshura (Umm al-Qura)Muslim
July 22MondayLeo (UTC)Solar
Aug 15ThursdayAssumption
Aug 15ThursdayParsi New YearZoroastrian
Aug 22ThursdayMagal de Touba (Umm al-Qura)Muslim
Aug 22ThursdayVirgo (UTC)Solar
Sep 7SaturdayGanesh Chaturthi / Vinayaka ChaturthiHindu Lunar
Sep 15SundayMawlid an Nabi / The Prophet’s BirthdayMuslim
Sep 15SundayOnam / ThiruonamHindu Solar
Sep 17TuesdayZhong Qu Jie / Mid Autumn FestivalChinese Lunar
Sep 22SundayAutumnal Equinox / Fall (UTC)Solar
Sep 22SundayBaptism of the Prophet (Umm al-Qura)Muslim
Sep 22SundayLibra (UTC)Solar
Oct 3ThursdayRosh Hashanah / Jewish New Year (5785)Jewish
Oct 12SaturdayDassainHindu Lunar
Oct 12SaturdayYom KippurJewish
Oct 14MondayCanadian Thanksgiving
Oct 17ThursdaySukkotJewish
Oct 22TuesdayScorpio (UTC)Solar
Oct 31ThursdayReformation Day
Oct 31ThursdaySouthern Deepavali / Diwali Krisna ChaturdasiHindu Lunar

Facts About July to October 2024 Calendar


  • July is renowned for the loyalty of its born individuals, making them reliable companions.
  • Additionally, the hay harvested in July serves as valuable animal feed or versatile straw due to drying caused by insufficient rain.
  • Interestingly, July stands out in history with a notable occurrence seven presidents passed away during this month, adding a unique historical significance.
  • The month owes its name to Julius Caesar, the esteemed Roman general, amplifying its historical roots.


  • August, once the sixth month in ancient Rome, was renamed by Augustus to commemorate his triumphs.
  • As August commences, it signals the end of summer vacations for children and the onset of the bustling harvest season.


  • September, with its nine-letter name and corresponding days.
  • Holds a fascinating numerical alignment.
  • In the past, it was celebrated as “Gerst Monath” or Barley Month by the Anglo-Saxons, embodying abundance and festivity.


  • October, the birth month of prominent figures like Matt Damon and Julie Andrews.
  • Offers the captivating Orionid meteor shower visible in both hemispheres from early October to November. In addition.
  • The 12th of October is a significant day as it celebrates Columbus Day, a tribute to Christopher Columbus’s momentous journey to America.


Stay on top of your schedule from July to October 2024 effortlessly! This calendar will always be by your side, guaranteeing that you never overlook a significant occasion. Want a calendar that suits your unique style? Reach out, and we’ll create a personalized one just for you.

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