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Kevin Hart’s Eygpt World Tour Appearance Canned For ‘Afrocentric’ Remarks

Kevin Hart’s world tour schedule has come in problems.

The comedian’s scheduled appearance in Egypt has been canceled following his alleged comments about ancient Egyptian kings.

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Hart’s reference to royalty as Black sparked an angry outcry from the country’s natives who accused the actor of supporting Afrocentrism.

The movement focuses on promoting the role of African Americans in the history and creation of Western civilization.

Kevin Hart’s plans to perform in Cairo, Egypt begin

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

“It is with heavy hearts that we share with you, due to local logistical issues, the cancellation of our Kevin Hart event.”

“We need to teach our children the true history of black Africans when they were kings in Egypt and not just the era of slavery cemented by education in America. Do you remember the time when we were kings?”

A hashtag asking the parties involved to either cancel the 43-year-old’s show or boycott him then became a viral topic on social media in Egypt last December.

The “Think Like a Man” star seemed unfazed by the controversy and took to Instagram to post a series of photos from a recent show.

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While the first shots showed Hart in front of a cheering crowd, the last two shots showed him on a street side and in front of an airplane. Underneath the photos he wrote:

“The Middle East leg of my Reality Check tour was AMAZING…You welcomed me with open arms…I saw and felt so much love from all of you!!!!! I’ve developed amazing relationships here and I couldn’t be happier … Big thanks to all my friends and partners for helping me reach the goal… it’s simply bringing us all closer together by making 🌎 laugh. Laughter can and will bring us all together.”

The post has received over 120,000 likes, with one participant commenting: “I had so much fun today thanks to you I haven’t laughed like this in forever.” Another person claimed, “Best show ever in the history of Riyadh [.] thank you for visiting us and we are glad you enjoyed your stay.” Several others who attended the event also shared their joy at seeing the stand-up artist in his element.

The comedian mourns the death of his beloved father

Tops noted that the Teen Choice Awards nominee was going through a tough time following the death of her father, Henry Whitherspoon.

The “Jumanji” star had shared the news of the patriarch’s passing on Instagram with several photos highlighting Henry’s time with Kevin and other family members.

“RIP to one of the realest and rawest to ever do it… Love you dad. Gone but never forgotten,” the “Real Husbands of Hollywood” alum wrote in the caption. “The Secret Life of Pets” voice actor asked Henry to give his wife, Nancy, “a hug for me” because they were doing “great” as parents.

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He ended by appreciating his father for everything, adding: “I’m a better father because of you. We will all make you proud.” Hart’s off-screen best friend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson led other celebrities to release messages of condolence, commenting: “Sweet, I’m here.”

Rapper T Pain said: “I’m glad he got to see you on top of the world bro. Blessings my dude,” and actor Martin Lawrence added, “My deepest condolences and prayers to you and your family for your loss. Much love brotha. “

Comedian Chelsea Handler wrote that Henry wouldn’t have passed “before he knew you were okay,” while actor Michael Blackson hoped the elder Hart was resting well. The post has also received over 1.5 million likes since Hart uploaded it last October.

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