Kris Jenner sparks engagement reports in wake of $1.2 million jewel ring

Kris Jenner sparks engagement reports in wake of $1.2 million jewel ring

Kris Jenner has started stories that she is locked to longtime beau Corey Bet after flashing a giant jewel ring via web entertainment.

The Momager recently posted a photograph of her ring finger enhanced with the stunning sparkler on her Instagram Story to celebrate Valentine’s Day and let the image communicate everything as opposed to adding an inscription.

Rushing over to Reddit, confused fans had mixed responses to the ring’s significance

One person said: “Did you see Kris’s latest Instagram story? Another ring from him? Locked in?”

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“I was thinking engagement,” another wrote, before a third added, “A Kris wedding seems like stupid content for the show.”

The Momager flashed a huge gemstone flare on her ring finger in a post on her Instagram Story this week. krisjenner/Instagram

The mother of six still cannot stand the hypothesis.

Have contacted the pair’s reps for input. Jenner, 67, who has previously worn monstrous jewels on her hands, shared with her lover a series of photos from her heartfelt Valentine’s Day, consisting of flowers and champagne.

The ring, which featured a simple band with an obvious stone happily sitting in the center, is estimated to be worth more than $1.2 million, according to Everyday Star.

A gemologist informed the power source that the ring is a heart cut of approximately 10 carats.

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“Befitting Kardashian royalty, Kris Jenner’s ring is the picture of sentiment, and appears to be a heart of about 10 carats, with scrolled jewels on one side or the other,” added the master, noting that the sticker price could be upwards of $1.2 million.

Jenner and Bet were recently rumored to be secretly linked; however, Jenner later came out to address these murmurs.

The couple, who have been dating since around 2014, were said to be subtly linked last year after her baby girl Khloé Kardashian spotted her wearing a jeweled ring on her finger.

“I’ve heard from so many individuals that you’re not kidding,” Khloé, 37, tells her mom on an episode of Hulu’s “The Kardashians,” to which Jenner replied with a laugh, “No, I’m not secretly. Connected. ”

In the wake of seeing Jenner with a huge ring, Khloé hugged her mom more.

Stop, Jenner added. “You think I’m going to get stuck and not have a big ass party? No, Khloé, I’m not secretly attached. I promise God, on all my kids and daddy.”

Although it’s messy in the event that the couple is locked up right now, Jenner and Bet, 42, live in a lavish house in Calabasas, located near Khloé’s.

Jenner recently gushed about her husband’s “defensive side,” saying he “takes care of everything” in the house and basically serves as the “chief security officer.”

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