Ne-Yo’s Mistress Announces Birth Of 2nd Child

Ne-Yo’s Mistress Announces Birth Of 2nd Child A Month After His Finalized Divorce

Ne-Yo, the R&B singer, has once again made headlines as fans suspect he may have welcomed another child with his alleged mistress, Sade. Amidst the drama, the Instagram model, Sade, has been a consistent presence in Ne-Yo’s life. Fans suspected that the two had a child together during the singer’s marriage to Renay.

And now, with Sade’s recent Instagram post showcasing her newborn son, fans can’t help but draw parallels between the child and the Grammy winner. Although Sade did not mention who the child’s father was, fans were quick to notice the uncanny resemblance between the baby and Ne-Yo.

Some even pointed out that the newborn looked like one of Renay’s children, further fueling rumors that the singer may have fathered another child with his mistress.

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Ne-Yo’s Mistress Announces Birth Of 2nd Child
Ne-Yo’s Mistress Announces Birth Of 2nd Child

However, Ne-Yo seemed to have given his stamp of approval by liking Sade’s post, which featured a collage of her announcement, a photo of her newborn son, and a photo of the R&B singer. Fans had previously suspected that Ne-Yo may have put another bun in Sade’s oven after liking her pregnancy photo in February.

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Although Sade’s caption seemed to suggest that she had broken up another woman’s marriage, fans believed that her apology was directed towards Renay, who had accused Ne-Yo of cheating on her. Ne-Yo’s divorce from Crystal Renay has been a public spectacle, with Renay accusing him of multiple infidelities.


The divorce settlement saw the artist losing millions, with Renay receiving $1.6 million in settlement money, including $20,000 for her moving expenses, $150,000 for a new car, and $5,000 per month for alimony for the next three years.

While Ne-Yo’s infidelities have caused a stir among fans, it’s important to remember that the lives of public figures are just as complex and multifaceted as anyone else’s. The focus should be on supporting the innocent children caught in the middle of these scandals and not on spreading hateful messages.

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