Unlock Lais Ribeiro’s Sizzling SI Swim Body Secrets!

In the world of SI Swim, model Lais Ribeiro is not only captivating audiences with her breathtaking swimsuit photos but also inspiring with her rejuvenating fitness regimen. Let’s delve into her secrets for maintaining her remarkable physique.

Lais takes self-care seriously, incorporating unique rituals into her routine, from prepping for makeup in the sauna to unwinding with post-show steams. Even while on the go, she remains dedicated by using FaceTime to exercise with her trainer, fueled by the unwavering support of her son.

Discover how she effortlessly balances glamour and well-being while grooving to the beats of Brazilian music in the heart of New York City. You may also read Positive Bonds Remain Caitlyn Jenner’s Relationship with Kylie and Kendall Flourishes.

“I always enjoy a little sauna session before my makeup to relax my body,” she shared with Coveteur. “It’s not just about relaxation; it’s also great for the skin, stress relief, and improving sleep. There are numerous benefits. My fiancé does the ice treatment, while I prefer the hot tub, given that I’m Brazilian and always susceptible to cold.”

After a show, Lais opts for a steam session and diligently removes her makeup. She explained, “I like to indulge in steam before bedtime as it relaxes my body. I apply some lotion, moisturizer, and lip balm – it’s simple, quick, and effective. Staying hydrated with ample water intake is crucial,” she emphasized.

Lais isn’t keeping her success secrets to herself. She generously shared some tips with POPSUGAR on how to unleash your inner supermodel. She underscores the importance of practice, saying, “You need to train, experiment with different angles by taking selfies and finding your best side in the mirror.”

Moreover, models must work on their posture to achieve the perfect pose, as unflattering angles affect everyone. If high heels are a challenge, Lais advises, “Shift your body weight to your tippy-toes to maintain control.”

Beyond the runway and photoshoots, Lais has a deep connection with nature, boasting an extensive plant collection. She explained, “I’ve planted all sorts of trees in my house, from bamboo to fruit trees, and even baobab trees from Africa.

It looks stunning, and being surrounded by nature feels incredibly refreshing.” Alongside her love for nature, she prioritizes self-care, whether through her in-home wellness center with an outdoor sauna and cold plunge or simply by taking time for herself to relax and rejuvenate. You should also check Kim K’s Japan Trip Controversial Endorsement of Full-Body MRI Scans Sparks Debate.

Lais also dedicates her time to giving back to the community. She collaborates with her husband on various projects, inspired by the possibility of creating positive change. Her involvement includes organizations like amfAR and Brazil Foundation, and she has extended her support to Maui’s wildfire relief efforts, emphasizing the importance of community support.

In conclusion, Lais Ribeiro is not just a supermodel but also a super-inspiring individual who values self-care, nature, and community engagement. Her journey to maintaining her incredible physique and well-rounded life serves as an example for us all.

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