Coronation Street Star Teases Explosive Plot Twist for Gary Windass – You Won’t Believe What’s Next!

Coronation Street: Mikey North, known for his role as Gary Windass on Coronation Street, has shared his thoughts on the show’s current storyline and his character’s future.

Gary has been a central character in the long-running soap for over a decade, playing key roles in some of the show’s most intense plotlines.

Mikey hinted at what’s next for Gary and teased, “I actually spent last week dressed as Frankenstein, so that probably gives a little bit away.” This hints at the soap’s ongoing storyline involving Stephen Reid, a serial killer wreaking havoc in the fictional town.

Currently, Gary is enjoying a more tranquil period in the soap as he is happily married to Maria, portrayed by Samia Longchambon. You may also read Hugh Jackman and Deborra.

Coronation Street Star Teases Explosive Plot

When asked about his character’s potential exit, Mikey humorously replied, “As long as they don’t kill me off in it, then I’m fine.”

He expressed excitement about being part of the major storyline and how it feels like being chosen for the “Cup final.”

Regarding the reveal of Rick’s murder, Mikey commented, “I think it was always going to happen, it was just a case of when.”

He praised the collaborative effort of the cast and crew in making this storyline a success and credited director David Beauchamp for his role in it.

Mikey discussed his initial reactions to reading the scripts, mentioning the emotional depth and variety of scenes in the storyline, from stunts and fights to more sensitive moments.

He highlighted the growth of his character, Gary, and the importance of his family. Regarding a particularly tense scene in the woods, Mikey shared, “Gary always tried to be one step ahead,” but acknowledged the gravity of the situation.

He emphasized that Gary’s willingness to protect others, especially Kelly, adds depth to his character. You should also check Lois & Clark The New Adventures of Superman.

Mikey concluded by noting that the revelation of Rick’s crimes is an opportunity for redemption for Gary, as he believes that deep down, his character is a good-hearted family man who occasionally lets his temper get the better of him. These upcoming episodes promise to explore various facets of Gary’s character and his journey toward redemption.

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