False Rumors Surrounding Ellen DeGeneres’ Death: A History of Online Hoaxes

In recent days, social media platforms were abuzz with rumors of the beloved talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’ demise. The hashtag #RIPEllen began trending, causing widespread confusion and concern among her fans. However, it’s important to clarify that these rumors are entirely baseless, and Ellen DeGeneres is very much alive and well. Let’s dive into the details of this recurring online phenomenon and how it has unfolded over time.

The Recent Rumors

The latest wave of false rumors claiming Ellen DeGeneres had passed away started in August 2023. These rumors quickly gained momentum on various social media platforms, with users sharing the hashtag #RIPEllen.

However, there was no credible source to confirm these claims, and Ellen herself was active on social media, posting recent content such as clips from her show and birthday wishes to Cameron Diaz. You may also read Kevin Hart’s Hilarious 40-Yard Dash Face-Off Ends in Injury – Must-See Video.

Past Instances of False Rumors

This isn’t the first time Ellen DeGeneres has been the target of such hoaxes. In December 2022, there were erroneous reports of her death, coinciding with the actual passing of Stephen “tWitch” Boss, the DJ on her talk show. Some fans mistakenly believed the news was about Ellen.

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Another false claim of her death circulated in the summer of 2020, accompanied by the #RIPEllen hashtag. This occurred amidst rumors that her talk show was going to be canceled, but the show continued until the following year.

Recurring Online Death Hoaxes

Ellen DeGeneres isn’t the only celebrity who has fallen victim to online death hoaxes. It appears to be a recurring trend in the world of social media. For example, in 2020, false rumors of Ellen’s suicide went viral on Twitter, coinciding with allegations of a toxic workplace on her show. You should also check Explosive Clash! Neymar’s $100M Mansion & Football’s Shocking Transfers.

In a similar vein, other public figures have recently been falsely reported as deceased on social media. The reasons behind these hoaxes vary, from hacking incidents to misunderstandings and misinformation.


The false rumors surrounding Ellen DeGeneres’ death serve as a reminder of the power and pitfalls of social media. It’s crucial to verify information from reliable sources before believing and sharing such claims. In this case.

Ellen DeGeneres continues to enjoy her life with her wife Portia De Rossi, debunking these unfounded rumors once again. Online hoaxes, while regrettable, underline the importance of critical thinking and responsible social media use in the digital age.

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