Julia Fox to Host Exciting New Fashion Competition Series ‘OMG Fashun’ – Apply Now!

Julia Fox to Host Exciting: Julia Fox, known for her role in the Adam Sandler-led film “Uncut Gems” and her previous relationship with Kanye West, is set to host a new TV series in development at NBCUniversal. While the specific network or platform hasn’t been confirmed yet, NBCUniversal operates channels like E! and Bravo.

The show, aptly titled “OMG Fashun,” is being produced by Scout Productions, the company behind hits like Netflix’s “Queer Eye” and Peacock’s “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning,” executive produced by Amy Poehler.

Fox took to TikTok to announce that she’s currently in the process of casting for the series, emphasizing her unique take on fashion design competitions. You may also read NSYNC Reunites with Justin Timberlake.

Julia Fox to Host Exciting New Fashion Competition

“Do you know what’s missing from fashion design competitions? Me,” she quipped in her TikTok announcement. “Guess what? I’m going to be hosting one on a major TV network.”

Julia Fox is renowned for her eccentric style and background in clothing design, having previously co-founded the successful women’s knitwear brand Franziska Fox. She has also featured in fashion campaigns for brands like Diesel, Coach, and Supreme.

Most notably, Fox gained attention for her relationship with Kanye West, a connection she later revealed was partly meant to create buzz during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Details about “OMG Fashun” remain limited, but it’s described as a competition for boundary-breaking fashion designers, aiming to be the “most rule-breaking fashion competition for a major TV network.” The exact prize is yet to be revealed, but it includes the opportunity to become Julia Fox’s next fashion designer.

Fashion reality television has been a popular genre since the early 2000s, with shows like “America’s Next Top Model” and “Project Runway” leading the way. Recent attempts to revive the trend, like Netflix’s “Next in Fashion,” have not achieved the same level of success as their predecessors.

In her casting call, Fox is looking for unconventional designers who embrace upcycling and creativity, regardless of formal training. She wants to celebrate innovators who push the boundaries of fashion and are comfortable using unconventional materials.

“I wanna feature designers that are breaking the mold and aren’t afraid to push the boundaries. You don’t have to be classically trained, you just need to be creative and comfortable with unconventional materials and upcycling,” she wrote on Instagram. “Let’s get weird and make fashion history!”

The application process for “OMG Fashun” includes questions about lifestyle, upbringing, skillset, creative inspirations, and philosophical views on topics like animal products in fashion and the current state of the industry. You should also check Wes Anderson’s Sensational Roald Dahl Adaptation.

While the show’s release date remains undisclosed, fashion enthusiasts and aspiring designers can apply to be contestants through the provided link.

In summary, Julia Fox’s “OMG Fashun” promises to be a unique and boundary-pushing fashion competition series that welcomes unconventional designers and celebrates creativity over traditional fashion norms. Fox’s distinct style and vision are sure to make it a fascinating addition to the world of fashion reality television.

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