Live Schreiber Reveals Steamy Confession About Angelina Jolie

Live Schreiber Reveals Steamy Confession About Angelina Jolie: ‘Sizzling Chemistry’ Sparks Controversy!

Schreiber Reveals Steamy Confession About Angelina Jolie: Once, in an interview, Live Schreiber opened up about getting nervous & anxious around Angelina Jolie. Here’s what happened next!

In the glitzy world of Hollywood, few names command as much respect and intrigue as Angelina Jolie’s. With a reputation that spans decades, she possesses an undeniable aura and personality that can leave even seasoned actors feeling a bit jittery.

When Live Schreiber had the opportunity to work alongside the iconic actress in the action-packed film ‘Salt,’ he admitted to experiencing some initial anxiety. However, what’s fascinating is how he managed to diffuse the palpable tension between them. Let’s dive into the scoop!

In ‘Salt,’ Angelina Jolie portrayed a CIA agent, while Live Schreiber played a CIA division head tasked with chasing her down. The high-stakes chase scenes alone are enough to induce nervousness in any actor. We advised you to check out RM’s Jaw-Dropping Transformation.

When asked by Cinemabled if he knew Angelina Jolie before ‘Salt,’ Schreiber revealed, “I hadn’t known her very well at all. I was very nervous in the beginning. I get very nervous around famous people, and I get nervous around beautiful women.

This was a big double whammy for me, and initially, it was really uncomfortable, which was worrying me. I felt like the important part of the job for me was to develop familiarity with her because that was the humanizing factor.”

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As their conversation continued, Schreiber disclosed his ingenious strategy for diffusing the sexual tension between him and Angelina Jolie – talking about their children. He explained, “But then we bonded over kids very quickly. I have two small kids, and she has two small kids, and it quickly became, ‘Oh, you’re doing time-outs now? That’s just teething.’

And all the sexual tension went out of the room. All the anxiety about her being very famous and a super-human celebrity kind of went away, and I found this very nice, easy person that I could relate to.” We also recommend you to check out Shocking! Netflix One Piece Cast Salaries Exposed.

In ‘Salt,’ Angelina Jolie took on a physically demanding role, complete with impressive action sequences. Despite Schreiber’s prior experience with challenging roles, he acknowledged Jolie as a powerful actress in Hollywood who knows exactly what she wants to achieve.

Live Schreiber’s approach to breaking the ice with Angelina Jolie on the set of ‘Salt’ was both unique and effective. By focusing on their shared experiences as parents, they were able to build a genuine connection and set aside the initial nervousness that often accompanies working with a Hollywood legend.

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