RM's Jaw-Dropping Transformation

RM’s Jaw-Dropping Transformation: How He Went from Skinny to Chiseled in Just Four Days a Week!

RM’s Jaw-Dropping Transformation: In a recent interview, BTS’ RM talked about how he got jacked up from being just a skinny boy. Read on to know more!

RM, one of the esteemed members of BTS, has been making waves in the headlines recently by sharing pictures of his muscular back and showcasing his impressive body transformation. His devoted fans are eagerly anticipating more of his sizzling physique.

But have you ever wondered about the hard work and dedication that went into transforming this once-skinny guy into the chiseled hunk he is today? Keep reading to find out.

BTS, the globally renowned South Korean boy band, has taken the world by storm with their groundbreaking records and albums. Each member of the group, including Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, and RM, boasts a massive fanbase worldwide.

In an exclusive interview with We verse Magazine, RM opened up about his journey into physical fitness and confessed that it has become an integral part of his life. Emphasizing the importance of consistency, he stated, “I’ve been at it for about a year now, working out rigorously four times a week without fail.

It’s become like a lifeline for me (laughs). You see, with consistent exercise, your body gradually improves, and I enjoy the feeling of progress.” We also recommend you to check out BLACKPINK’s Jasso and Jung Hai-in’s ‘Snowdrop’ Drama.

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Delving further into the conversation, RM discussed the significant role diet plays in achieving a remarkable physical transformation. He remarked, “When you observe others sharing their remarkable body transformations, you can see dramatic changes.

However, I’m not overly strict with my diet, so my progress isn’t as dramatic (laughs). Nevertheless, I can sense my body’s gradual transformation.”

Highlighting how working out has seamlessly integrated into his daily routine, the BTS member shared, “My daily schedule has become more structured. It has been precisely a year since I started this journey in the middle of last year.

I find myself pondering if this is how people typically live. I go to work, return home, attend to my responsibilities, and make sure to include exercise in my routine.

The same goes for visiting exhibitions. I’ve noticed that my nature has evolved significantly over the past year, although I’m unsure if it’s a positive change for me as a creator.” We certainly have no complaints about RM flaunting his impressive physique during this shirtless era. We’re here for it! What’s your take on it?

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