November calendar moon phases 2023 with date

Lunar November 2023 Moon Phases Calendar with Dates

For those seeking an exceptional auroral experience, it’s crucial to consider the Moon’s phases, as its luminance can greatly impact the visibility of faint auroras. When planning your aurora-hunting escapades, knowing when the Moon will not interfere is of utmost importance.

Below, you’ll discover the Moon Phases for the upcoming months, providing you with the insight you need to choose the best times for your aurora observations.

Lunar November 2023 Moon Phases Calendar

Our lunar calendar unveils the cosmic choreography of the Moon’s phases, enabling you to embrace the captivating allure of the auroras. Simply choose a month and year, the Moon’s appearance for any day of that month will be revealed.

While our internal phase calculator guarantees precision, please note that the images provided are approximations. The main moon phase calendar page defaults to the current month, making it a convenient bookmark for all your celestial adventures.

Embark on a journey under the night sky, unburdened by the Moon’s luminosity, and witness the auroras as they elegantly dance across the heavens. Brighten up your workspace with our adorable Cute November 2023 Calendar Floral Wallpaper for Desk featuring charming floral designs.

Moon Phases for November 2023:

DateLunar Phase
November 4thNew Moon
November 10thFirst Quarter
November 18thFull Moon
November 26thLast Quarter

New Moon: In the enchanting journey through November’s starlit tapestry, the moon unfurls its captivating phases, each a celestial brushstroke in the canvas of the night sky. As the month begins, on November 4th, the New Moon graces the heavens, its hidden face a symbol of new beginnings and untold possibilities.

First Quarter: The crescent emerges on November 10th, as the First Quarter moon, casting a gentle illumination upon the realm below and inspiring a sense of progression and growth.

Full Moon: But the lunar symphony’s crescendo arrives on November 18th, as the Full Moon takes center stage, bathing the landscape in its silvery radiance.

Last Quarter: As November draws to a close, the moon enters its Last Quarter on November 26th, a reminder that even as endings approach, they pave the way for new beginnings. The waning crescent bids adieu to the month, yet leaves behind a lingering sense of wonder and contemplation.

In these celestial phenomena, we find a reflection of our own lives – a reminder that change is constant, and every phase holds its own unique beauty and significance.

Let us gaze skyward, not just as spectators, but as participants in the cosmic dance that envelops us, finding solace and inspiration in the moon’s silent guidance through the nights of November.


As the celestial ballet unfolds its mesmerizing choreography, November 2023 presents a celestial canvas adorned with the graceful dance of the moon’s phases. Each night unveils a new chapter, a new verse in the lunar poem.

From the enchanting embrace of the New Moon, shrouding the night in mystery, to the radiant spectacle of the Full Moon, illuminating the darkness with its luminous glow, November’s lunar phases offer a reminder of the interconnected rhythms that govern our universe.

As we gaze skyward, we are reminded of the profound beauty and harmony that surround us, inviting us to contemplate the celestial wonders and ponder our place within the vast cosmos.

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