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Lunar October 2023 Moon Phases Calendar with Dates

Welcome to the enchanting lunar journey of October 2023. Discover the various phases of the Moon, each with its own unique allure, as we traverse the celestial dance between Earth, the Moon, and the Sun. Our Moon Phase calendar is your guide to the luminous spectacle that graces our skies.

Moon Phases Explained

The Moon’s phases are a mesmerizing result of its graceful orbit around Earth, perfectly choreographed with the Sun’s radiant glow. Unlike the Sun, the Moon does not generate its own light; it dances with borrowed radiance. Here’s a glimpse of the enchanting sequence:

New Moon: The Moon is positioned between Earth and the Sun, its backside fully bathed in darkness. The Earth reflects a faint glow onto the Moon, resulting in a subtle phenomenon called ashen light.

Waxing Crescent: As the Moon pirouettes in its orbit, an increasing sliver of its surface is lit by the Sun. This crescent delicately waxes, growing more radiant each night.

First Quarter: The Moon ventures a quarter of the way around Earth, displaying a perfect half-illuminated visage. It’s like a mid-performance interlude, where light and shadow coalesce.

Waxing Gibbous: The Moon’s illumination spreads, enveloping over half of its face with the Sun’s embrace. It becomes a mesmerizing blend of light and shadow, a poetic reflection of its celestial journey.

Full Moon: The grand crescendo of the lunar ballet. The Moon, Earth, and Sun align in perfect harmony, and the Moon beams fully illuminated. The night is adorned with its silvery splendor.

Waning Gibbous: The Moon begins to wane, as the radiant illumination slowly retreats. Over half of its face still basks in light, creating a captivating play of contrasts.

Last Quarter: The Moon continues its journey, now three-quarters around Earth. The opposite half of its face receives the Sun’s tender kiss, marking a poignant turning point.

Waning Crescent: The Moon’s brilliance continues to diminish as it approaches its new moon position. Less than half of its surface bathes in the Sun’s glow, lending a serene charm to the pre-dawn sky.

The Enigmatic Lunar Phases

The celestial duet between the New Moon and Full Moon is at the heart of the lunar symphony. In the New Moon phase, the Moon faces away from the Sun, its surface shrouded in darkness. As the month waltzes on, the Full Moon emerges, bathed in complete illumination.

This radiant transformation spans around 14 days, echoing the rhythms of ancient lunisolar calendars. Plan your month ahead with ease using our Free Printable October 2023 Calendar Templates, designed to keep you organized and on track.

Moonrise and Moonset

The Moonrise and Moonset performances are influenced by the Earth-Moon-Sun geometry and the Moon’s orbit. Each day, the Moon’s debut is delayed by about 50 minutes, painting the sky with different strokes.

As it glides eastward, the waxing phase reveals itself a few days after the New Moon, progressively casting its luminous spell upon the night canvas.

A Pictorial Delight from NASA

The captivating Moon images in our calendar are brought to you by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio, capturing the Moon’s elegance in stunning detail.

The Hunter’s Moon

Behold October’s full moon, the Hunter’s Moon, a luminary that kindles echoes of ancient rituals. Named for the hunters who relied on its glow to secure their winter provisions, this moon rises early, bestowing its luminance upon the twilight hours. An emblem of both primal survival and celestial splendor, the Hunter’s Moon captivates the heart and sky alike.

In the hushed hours of October 1st, as the Waning Gibbous Moon embraces the night sky at 96.5% illumination, our celestial voyage commences.

Click through each day to unveil the Moon’s radiant story for October 2023. Evoke the awe of generations past as you witness the Moon’s luminous ballet unfurl across the heavens. Stay in sync with the celestial rhythm with our Lunar November 2023 Moon Phases Calendar, complete with dates for each enchanting lunar phase.


To sum it up, crafting a Lunar Calendar for October 2023 featuring precise moon phases with dates is a straightforward task achievable through online tools or dedicated software.

By following the steps mentioned, you’ll produce a calendar showcasing the distinct lunar phases in October 2023 – new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter. This versatile calendar serves various interests like astronomy, religious observances, gardening, enabling people to stay attuned to the lunar rhythm.

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