moon september 2023 phases calendar

Lunar September 2023 Moon Phases Calendar with Dates

September 2023 Moon Phases! Delve into the celestial dance of the moon’s phases as we explore each day’s illumination and significance. Discover how the moon’s luminosity impacts auroral viewing and learn about the Full Harvest Moon’s cultural significance.

Unveil the astronomical marvel of the Harvest Moon and its role in the changing seasons. Join us as we navigate the Moon’s captivating journey through September.

Lunar September 2023 Moon Phases Calendar

Waning Gibbous (98.6% illuminated) – September begins with a gently fading Waning Gibbous moon, casting its soft glow. Click on each day to explore the intricate details of its phase.

Full Harvest Moon: Luminosity and Brilliance – Celebrate the Full Harvest Moon, the moon closest to the fall equinox. Its luminosity aids farmers in harvesting their summer crops under its radiant light. Traditionally named the Big Moon by Native American tribes, it holds cultural significance across various communities.

Cultural Traditions: Celebrating the Fall Harvest and the Moon – Communities around the world come together to celebrate the Full Harvest Moon. Join in the festivities honoring both the bountiful fall harvest and the moon’s enchanting presence.

Astronomical Wonder: The Harvest Moon – The Harvest Moon is a beacon of change. As nights grow longer and days shorter, the Harvest Moon symbolizes the transition to autumn. Discover the intricate dance between the Earth, moon, and Sun that creates this celestial phenomenon.

Auroral Viewing Tips: Minimizing Moonlight Disturbance – To witness the aurora’s breathtaking display, the Moon’s brightness must be considered. Learn why a faint aurora can struggle to shine amidst the moon’s radiance. Explore optimal auroral viewing conditions when the Moon’s interference is minimal.

Lunar Eclipses: A Rare Occurrence – Lunar eclipses occur when celestial alignments are just right. Unveil the secrets behind these captivating phenomena, where the moon’s orbit aligns with Earth’s in a unique way. Discover why not every Full Moon hosts a lunar eclipse.

September 2023 Moon Phases with Dates

DateMoon PhaseTime (UTC)
September 6Last Quarter22:21
September 15New Moon01:39
September 22First Quarter19:31
September 29Full Moon09:57


September 2023 offers a captivating journey through the moon’s phases, unveiling its luminous beauty and cultural significance. Join the celebrations of the Full Harvest Moon, a beacon for farmers and communities alike.

Explore the Harvest Moon’s role in heralding the change of seasons, and learn the art of auroral viewing amidst the moon’s brightness. Embrace the uniqueness of lunar eclipses, where cosmic alignments create breathtaking celestial events. As we navigate the Moon’s phases, we invite you to witness the dance of light and shadow that captivates us all.

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