Song Jeong-Ki's Surprising Reaction to His 3-Month

Song Joong-Ki’s Surprising Reaction to His 3-Month-Old Son Watching ‘Hopeless’ – You Won’t Believe What He Hopes His Baby Sees!

Song Jeong-Ki expresses that he wants his newborn baby to watch his film Hopeless despite portraying a negative character. Read on!

South Korean actor Song Jong Ki, currently immersed in preparations for the impending debut of his film “Hopeless,” has candidly shared insights into his role in the upcoming neo-noir thriller. The renowned “Descendants Of The Sun” actor expressed his eagerness to explore a darker character, setting it apart from his customary roles.

In “Hopeless,” Song Jeong-Ki assumes the role of Chi Geon, a middle-ranking figure in a local gang. During a press conference, he delved into the extensive transformation he underwent to embody this character.

Song Jeong-Ki disclosed, “I yearned to delve deeper into the realm of dark and somber emotions. We also recommend you to check out Liam Payne’s Miraculous Hospital Recovery Girlfriend Kate.

There was a time when I missed such an opportunity, contrary to my desire, and that left me disheartened. When I encountered this script, I was certain that the emotions I had longed to explore were encapsulated within, making it truly captivating.”

He went on to express his desire for his 3-month-old son to eventually watch “Hopeless,” saying, “Despite my deep affection for my baby, I harbored no reservations about taking on this dark cinematic venture. My hope is that when he grows up, he’ll witness that his father contributed to a film of this nature.”

In addition to Song Jong-Ki, the press conference hosted “Hopeless” director Kim Chang Huon, Hong Sa Bin, and BIBI, all of whom play significant roles in the film. We advised you to check out Reveals Shocking Truth About ‘Expendables’ Series.

Meanwhile, “Hopeless” is a compelling drama that revolves around the intertwined narratives of two central characters, Yeon Guy (portrayed by Hong Sa Bin) and Chi Geon (brought to life by the Vincenzo star). The storyline unfolds as these individuals from divergent backgrounds unexpectedly cross paths, leading to an inspirational conclusion. “Hopeless” is set to hit theaters on October 11 KST.

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