BLACKPINK's Jasso and Jung Hai-in's 'Snowdrop

BLACKPINK’s Jasso and Jung Hai-in’s ‘Snowdrop’ Drama Sparks Historical Accuracy Controversy: Fans Petition President’s Office for Ban!

BLACKPINK’S Jisoo’s debut drama ‘Snowdrop’ also starring Jung Hae-in was at the receiving end of massive backlash. Here’s why!

Jisoo’s of BLACKPINK made her acting debut alongside Jung Hae-in in the highly anticipated drama “Snowdrop,” which garnered both praise and criticism in South Korea. While fans were initially excited, they were left heartbroken by the drama’s sad ending.

However, it’s important to note that the show faced significant backlash from some Korean audiences, leading to protests and calls for its boycott.

The controversy surrounding “Snowdrop” primarily revolved around the perceived distortion of historical facts in the period drama. The series is set in the 1980s and follows the love story between a North Korean spy and a South Korean university student.

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During this period, South Korea witnessed pivotal historical events, including interventions from the North Korean Army and the transition from dictatorship to democracy, which led to increased political involvement among students. We also recommend you to check out Reveals Shocking Truth About ‘Expendables’ Series.

Critics argued that instead of delving into the complex political landscape of the time, the drama focused excessively on the romantic relationship between the South Korean student and the North Korean spy. This departure from historical accuracy left many viewers frustrated and disappointed with the plot.

The backlash was so intense that around 30 petitions were launched, with one petition amassing an impressive 325,000 signatures, all calling for the removal of the show.

In the spotlight at a recent press conference for “Hopeless,” Song Jeong-Ki took center stage as he shared the profound journey he undertook to step into the shoes of Chi Geon, a pivotal character in the local gang.

Delving into the depths of his emotions, Song Jeong-Ki confessed, “There was a longing within me to explore the realms of darkness and profound emotions, a desire that had eluded me until now. When I stumbled upon this script, I knew that it held the very essence of those emotions I had been yearning to delve into, making it an irresistible challenge.”

With a glimmer of hope in his eyes, he revealed his aspiration for his 3-month-old son to someday watch “Hopeless.” He declared, “Despite my deep love for my child, I had no reservations about immersing myself in this cinematic venture of shadows.

My dream is that, as he grows, he will witness his father’s contribution to a film as unique as this.” We advised you to check out Song Jeong-Ki’s Surprising Reaction to His 3-Month.

Accompanying Song Jeong-Ki at the press conference were “Hopeless” director Kim Chang Hoon, the talented Hong Sa Bin, and the remarkable BIBI, each playing pivotal roles in the film’s captivating narrative.

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