Spanish Soccer Star Jenni Hermoso Slams Federation President for Unwanted Kiss!

In a surprising turn of events, Spanish soccer player Jenni Hermoso has emphatically stated that she did not give her consent to a kiss on the lips from soccer federation president Luis Rubiales. Hermoso’s assertion came shortly after Rubiales claimed that the kiss was consensual during an emergency meeting of the Spanish soccer federation.

Amid mounting criticism and potential removal from office, Rubiales adamantly refused to step down, despite the uproar caused by the incident. The controversy unfolded during a medals ceremony following the Women’s World Cup final in Sydney, Australia, where Rubiales kissed Hermoso on the lips, tarnishing the celebratory atmosphere and drawing global attention.

Spain players boycott as Hermoso rejects Rubiales consent claim

Hermoso, in a statement issued through her union, clarified that the kiss was not consensual, asserting, “I want to clarify, as you can see in the images, that at no time did I consent to the kiss that he gave me.”

She further expressed her intolerance for her words being questioned or manipulated. You may also read Steelers Conclude Preseason with Convincing Win and Healthy Starters.

The Spanish soccer player, along with her teammates, called for a “real change” within the management of the national team. They emphasized their commitment to promoting the growth of the team and their refusal to play for Spain as long as the current leadership remains at the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

In response, Victor Francos, president of Spain’s Sports Council (CSD), confirmed the initiation of proceedings to remove Rubiales from his presidency. Francos expressed dissatisfaction with Rubiales’ explanations and issued an apology to the players for the controversy that unfolded over the past week.

Rubiales’ actions, including grabbing his crotch after Spain’s victory over England, drew widespread condemnation. He later apologized for the gesture, attributing it to the excitement of the moment and clarifying that it was not directed at the country’s royal family, particularly the 16-year-old princess present during the event.

Spain women’s soccer team won’t play until Rubiales resigns

Rubiales’ defiance in the face of criticism led to swift reactions. The Spanish government, represented by Yolanda Díaz, the labor minister and second deputy prime minister, emphasized the need for urgent action to address the situation. Díaz highlighted that impunity for such actions is no longer acceptable and called for Rubiales’ removal from his position. You should also check Uncertain Future for Trey Lance as 49ers Make Backup Quarterback Decision.

The controversy also revealed dissent within the federation, as several high-ranking members, including Rafael del Amo, responsible for women’s football, and others representing different regions, reportedly resigned. Despite reports suggesting Rubiales’ resignation, he maintained his stance, accusing his critics of conducting a “witch hunt.”

Notably, Rubiales found support from national team coaches Jorge Vilda and Luis de la Fuente, while political parties from across the spectrum in Spain expressed their disapproval of his actions. The unfolding saga brings attention to the need for responsible conduct in sports leadership and the larger conversation about gender equality and respect within the sporting community.

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