Tom DeLonge’s UFO-Themed Directorial Debut Unveils ‘Monsters of California’ Trailer – Government Secrets and Paranormal Mysteries Await!

Tom DeLonge’s UFO-Themed: Tom DeLonge, known for his role in Blink-182 and his dedication to UFO research, is set to make his directorial debut with “Monsters of California.” The film’s first trailer has been released, and it promises an intriguing blend of government conspiracy and paranormal intrigue.

In “Monsters of California,” the story revolves around Dallas (played by Jack Samson) and his group of high school friends who are considered outsiders.

A secret that powerful political figures have kept concealed. The trailer sets an ominous tone, with Richard Kind warning, “They don’t want you to know anything. This is going to shatter any idea you have about reality.”

Together, they embark on a mission to uncover a hidden paranormal conspiracy in Southern California. We also recommend you to find out Iconic Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cast Reunites.

Tom DeLonge’s UFO-Themed

The plot takes an intriguing twist when Dallas discovers his father’s covert research, leading him to delve deeper into his family’s enigmatic past. He exclaims.

“I’m literally about to find out what happened to Dad after all these years. I’m this close.” The film, co-written by DeLonge, Ian Miller, and Ben Kull, explores the mysteries of extraterrestrial secrets and government cover-ups.

“Monsters of California” boasts an original score by Ilan Rubin, produced by DeLonge and Aaron Rubin, and prominently features a version of Blink-182’s hit song “Aliens Exist” in the trailer. This song choice is particularly significant, as it reflects DeLonge’s enduring fascination with UFOs and the unexplained.

Tom DeLonge has been actively involved in UFO research for years, co-founding To The Stars, a company dedicated to fringe science theories. He even produced the History Channel series “Unidentified.

Inside America’s UFO Investigation.” While DeLonge is known for his musical career, his passion for uncovering evidence of extraterrestrial life is taking center stage with “Monsters of California.”

This film marks a busy period for DeLonge, who recently rejoined Blink-182 for their World Tour 2023/2024 after a hiatus since 2014. We also recommend you to check out Exciting News Rita Ora Joins.

The movie is set to be released theatrically and on-demand on October 6, 2023, and it promises to be an intriguing blend of mystery, conspiracy, and the unexplained.

“Monsters of California” is not just a debut for DeLonge as a director but also a testament to his unrelenting curiosity about the mysteries of the universe.

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