Xolo Maridueña Gets ‘Mike Wazowski’d’ Next to Selena Gomez: The Hilarious LAFC Game Moment!

Xolo Maridueña Gets ‘Mike Wazowski’d’: Xolo Maridueña is on the rise, but even he knows that standing next to Selena Gomez can be a risky move. In fact, he recently joked about being “Mike Wazowski’d” in paparazzi photos, referencing the famous moment from Monsters, Inc. where the one-eyed monster is hilariously cropped out of a group photo.

On his podcast, “Lone Lobos,” the Blue Beetle actor got candid about the emotional impact of being overshadowed by Gomez at a recent LAFC game. In one photo, Maridueña was conveniently cropped out.

With only his shoulder making an appearance. He couldn’t help but quip, “Yeah, I got ‘Mike Wazowski’d,’ but not Tyga! But Tyga got to stay in the frame?” We also recommend you to find out NSYNC’s Epic VMAs Reunion.

Despite the setback, Maridueña kept his sense of humor and even joked about being a superhero next to Gomez. He also acknowledged that sharing the spotlight with mega-stars like Gomez, Prince Harry, and Mario Lopez can be a challenge, but he’s taking it all in stride.

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In the end, Maridueña’s humorous take on the situation highlights the ups and downs of fame, all while injecting some much-needed humor into the situation. we also recommend you to check out Discover Wild Surprises: Bertie Gregory’s Epic Wildlife Adventures.

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