Breaking News Lee Jong Suk's Agency Ends HighZium

Breaking News: Lee Jong Suk’s Agency Ends HighZium Studio Partnership After 2023 Fan Meeting Tour – Shocking Details Revealed!

Breaking News Lee Jong Suk’s Agency: As per recent reports, Lee Jong Suk has decided to end his strategic partnership with his agency & HighZium Studio announces. Read.

Lee Jong Suk, one of South Korea’s most popular and wealthiest actors, is making headlines as he departs from his current agency, HighZium Studio. HighZium Studio, which also represents stars like Song Joong-ki and Kim Ji Won, recently announced that their management partnership with Jong Suk will conclude next month. Let’s dive into the details!

Jong Suk is renowned not only for his exceptional acting skills and hit K-dramas but also for his romantic relationship with IU. Ever since their confirmed relationship became a topic of internet speculation, their massive fanbase has eagerly awaited the next major development: their marriage!

Now, back to Lee Jong Suk parting ways with HighZium Studio. In April of last year, his agency, A-MAN Project, entered into a strategic partnership with HighZium Studio, bringing the actor under the agency’s umbrella. However, this partnership is set to conclude in October, following the conclusion of the actor’s 2023 fan meeting tour.

HighZium Studio released an official statement regarding their separation from Lee Jong Suk, as reported by Suomi “Hello, this is HighZium Studio. We also recommend you to check out BLACKPINK’s Jasso and Jung Hai-in’s ‘Snowdrop’ Drama.

First and foremost, we would like to express our gratitude to the fans for their unwavering love and interest in our artist.

We would like to inform you that the strategic partnership inked between HighZium Studio and A-MAN Project last year will officially come to an end at the close of October, following actor Lee Jong Suk’s ongoing 2023 fan meeting tour. We advised you to check out Liam Payne’s Miraculous Hospital Recovery.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the fans who adore actor Lee Jong Suk, and we hope that you will continue to offer him your steadfast interest and support in the future. With all said and done, we extend our best wishes to Lee Jong Suk for his forthcoming ventures.

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