Lucasfilm’s Surprise Move: Lando Project Shifts to Movie Format Amid Strikes – What to Expect

Lucasfilm’s Surprise Move: In July, news broke that Disney and Lucasfilm had enlisted Donald and Stephen Glover to take over the “Lando” project from Justin Simien for Disney+. However, it has now been confirmed that the project is being redeveloped as a “Lando” movie, as stated by Lucasfilm to Variety.

This decision to transform it into a movie has been made, but due to ongoing strikes, there is no current development or negotiation with the Glover brothers. Development will resume once the strike is resolved.

The idea of a “Lando” limited series was initially announced in December 2020 with Justin Simien attached. After Simien’s departure, the Glover brothers, known for creating the series “Atlanta,” took over and shifted the project’s direction towards a movie.

The character of Lando was originally portrayed by Billy Dee Williams in “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Return of the Jedi.” We also recommend you to find out John Wick Movies Order and Prequel Series.

Lucasfilm’s Surprise Move

Donald Glover hinted at another Lando-centered project in an interview with GQ in April, mentioning discussions with Lucasfilm. However, no official confirmation has been provided by Lucasfilm, and details are limited due to the strikes currently affecting the industry.

When the news about the Glovers taking over the project broke in July, it had already been in the works internally for a while.

Whether it was initially conceived as a series and later changed to a movie or if it was intended as a movie from the beginning remains unclear. The fate of this project, like many other Star Wars films in development, is uncertain.

Considering the potential for a Lando prequel with Donald Glover in the lead role, it could be a great fit for the big screen. It might offer a chance to tie up loose ends from “Solo: A Star Wars Story” and provide more depth to the beloved character of Lando Calrissian.

The decision to pursue a Lando movie instead of a Disney+ show suggests that Disney and Lucasfilm have confidence in the project’s potential success, despite the challenges faced by previous Star Wars standalone films like “Solo.” We also recommend you to check out Shakira’s Iconic VMA Moment.

However, the theatrical landscape for Star Wars is currently uncertain, making the timing of this decision somewhat risky. Development will proceed once the strikes are resolved, but it remains to be seen if the movie will ultimately come to fruition.

A Star Wars Story” performed well at the box office, “Solo” encountered difficulties, prompting a shift towards developing more Star Wars content as streaming shows or potentially canceling standalone films. Nevertheless, Disney seems optimistic about the future of “Lando” as a movie.

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