Andy Cohen Sandoval Raquel

Andy Cohen Noticed The Looks Raquel Leviss Was Giving Tom Sandoval

Andy Cohen, the Bravo boss, has been left disgusted after hearing about the love triangle involving Vanderpump Rules stars Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss.

However, he admits that he saw some strange signs that hinted at the affair. During a past appearance on his show, See What’s Happening Live, Raquel and Scheana Shay appeared as guests.

During a shady game, Raquel mentioned that she thought Sandoval was hotter than Tom Schwartz, who she was trying to hook up with on the show. Andy raised an eyebrow at this, but didn’t think much of it at the time.

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However, looking back, Andy now realizes that Raquel may have been dropping hints. Scheana picked up on this and asked Raquel about her response.

Raquel said, “Sandoval has guts” and shrugged, which Andy found to be an odd answer. He messaged Scheana to confirm his suspicions, which she did, making Andy realize that he was right about Raquel’s strange response.

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Furthermore, Andy remembers the boys appearing on his show, Watch What Happens Live, and noticing a strange energy between Schwartz and Sandoval.

Schwartz seemed nervous and was looking to Sandoval for guidance on answers. Andy now wonders when Schwartz found out about the affair.

Additionally, Andy recalls Raquel’s energy around Sandoval during “Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras” performance at BravoCon in October.

Andy describes the way both Raquel and Ariana were looking at Sandoval as “wild.” Andy remains tight-lipped about his feelings on the situation but has described it as “disturbing,” “shocking” and “outrageous.”

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He has confirmed that the taping is taking place and will be played before the reunion airs. The reunion will be taped in two weeks, which will likely be the first time Ariana will see Sandoval face to face after the revelation.

It is expected to be a difficult reunion for everyone involved. It’s clear that Andy is not happy about the love triangle and the impact it has had on the show and the stars involved.

Andy Cohen Sandoval Raquel
Andy Cohen Sandoval Raquel

He expressed his disappointment and frustration on his radio show, Andy Cohen Live, and called the situation “heartbreaking.”

As a host and executive producer of several Bravo shows, Andy has seen it all when it comes to drama and scandals. But this situation hits close to home, as he has a personal relationship with many of the cast members. It’s clear that he cares deeply about them and wants them to be happy and successful.

Despite the drama, fans of Vanderpump Rules can still look forward to the reunion, where all the cast members will come together to address the season’s biggest moments and controversies. It’s sure to be a tense and emotional event, with plenty of drama and surprises along the way.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Tom, Raquel, and the rest of the Vanderpump Rules cast.

But one thing is certain: Andy will be watching closely and doing everything he can to support them through this difficult time.

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