Is Bailey Smith Leaving Western Bulldogs? Uncertainty Grows Amid Geelong Trade Rumors!

Bailey Smith’s future at the Western Bulldogs is currently uncertain, despite the club’s strong stance that he won’t be leaving. Throughout the year, there have been reports linking Smith to potential trades due to his dissatisfaction with his role at the Bulldogs. Geelong has been consistently mentioned as a potential destination for the 22-year-old player.

Bulldogs CEO Ameet Bains stated recently that Smith is a required player for the team and is under contract for the following year. However, there is a sense of frustration surrounding Smith’s situation. He’s known to be a high-maintenance player and is receiving a significant salary.

Multiple clubs, including Collingwood, Hawthorn, and Geelong, have shown interest in Smith. The Bulldogs, though, have indicated that they won’t accept Geelong’s pick eight in a trade. You may also read US Open 2023 Day 2 Alcaraz and Venus Shine, Thrilling Tennis Moments Ensue.

The Bulldogs’ coach, Luke Beveridge, has faced criticism for the team’s poor performance in the 2023 season. Despite this, he has received backing from the club’s upper management. Nonetheless, there remains a sense of unease between Beveridge and the higher-ups at the club.

Some experts suggest that Smith might benefit from a move to Geelong under the coaching of Chris Scott. Geelong has a history of taking risks on players and could be a good fit for Smith’s work ethic.

Bailey Smith’s exit interview with the Bulldogs is expected to shed light on his intentions for the 2024 season. The Bulldogs have other star players whose contracts will expire next year, including Tim English, Aaron Naughton, and Jamarra Ugle-Hagan.

Hawthorn has reportedly shown interest in Smith, aligning with the club’s strategy of building a strong team for the future under coach Sam Mitchell. They hold a high draft pick (Pick 3) that could be part of a potential trade for Smith. You should also check 2023 Tour Championship Top 30 Players Vie.

Apart from Smith, Hawthorn is also rumored to be interested in Fremantle’s Liam Henry, who is yet to decide on his future. The Dockers are eager to retain Henry, but Victorian clubs are hopeful of luring him.

In summary, Bailey Smith’s future at the Bulldogs is uncertain despite the club’s stance, and various clubs, including Geelong and Hawthorn, are showing interest in him. The Bulldogs’ management supports Coach Beveridge, though tensions persist. Hawthorn is making moves to build a strong team under Sam Mitchell and is also considering other players like Liam Henry.

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