Lana Del Rey’s Upcoming Tour, Album Insights, and Musical Inspirations

Lana Del Rey, the celebrated singer known for her unique blend of cinematic nostalgia and poetic lyricism, has announced an exciting 10-date tour across the United States for September and October.

Produced by Live Nation, the tour is set to begin on September 14 in Franklin, Tennessee, and will traverse through various cities, including Austin, Texas, Tampa, Florida, and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, before concluding at the Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, West Virginia, on October 5.

Del Rey’s recent ventures include captivating performances at prominent music festivals like Outside Lands, Lollapalooza, and Glastonbury.

Her musical journey has also taken her to stages in diverse locations such as Arkansas, Mexico City, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, and London this past summer.

The singer’s ninth studio album, titled “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.,” made its debut in March to enthusiastic critical acclaim.

Variety’s Chris Willman noted in his review that the album is a collection of intriguing and audacious declarations, as well as moments that invite devoted fans to explore fascinating rabbit holes.

Del Rey’s album title track, “Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.,” offers a glimpse into her enigmatic storytelling style.

Lines like “Mosaic ceilings, painted tiles on the wall” and “Handmade beauty sealed up by two man-made walls” suggest a reference to the Jergins Tunnel, located in Long Beach, California.

The Long Beach Public Library confirmed the existence of this tunnel and even shared images matching the song’s lyrical description.

The tunnel, known as the Jergins Tunnel, operated from 1928 to 1967, providing access to the Pike and the beach through the Jergins Trust building at 100 E. Ocean Boulevard.

Del Rey’s connection to Los Angeles is evident in her music, with many of her songs referencing local locations. Her track “Paris, Texas” is particularly notable for mentioning the Shoals, a reference to her recording experience at the Muscle Shoals Sound Studio in Sheffield.

The studio expressed their honor and excitement at having worked with the iconic artist, highlighting the ongoing history being made at the renowned recording space.

In an unexpected turn, Del Rey garnered attention when she worked a shift at the Florence Waffle House, engaging with fans, taking photos, and even signing autographs. This down-to-earth approach further endears her to her fanbase.

In conclusion, Lana Del Rey’s upcoming tour promises to be a captivating experience for fans across the United States. Her album, with its evocative lyrics and diverse inspirations, adds to her already impressive body of work.

From hidden tunnels under Ocean Blvd. to iconic recording studios, Del Rey’s musical journey continues to be a source of intrigue and fascination for fans worldwide.

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