April Marie Due Date

Pregnant April Marie Teases Baby’s Sex And Fans Are Picking Sides

April Marie is out here teasing her fans and they love it!

The social media influencer rose to fame after starring in the Netflix hit “The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On.” In the series, she was known to be genuine even when watching her ex-boyfriend, Jake Cunningham, explore feelings for another woman. Since leaving the show at the end of its first season, she has moved on with Cody Cooper, and they are expecting a child.

April Marie stirs excitement among fans when she hints at the gender of the baby

After sharing glimpses of her pregnancy journey on social media, fans eagerly awaited the big reveal. The content creator recently decided to create even more excitement with a post designed to keep everyone on the edge of their seats.

April Marie Due Date
April Marie Due Date

She did this by sharing a picture of herself in a white woolly crop top over light blue jeans on the beach, walking near the water. She held images of what is believed to be her pregnancy ultrasound behind her as she left. In the captionwrote the expectant mother:

“You were given this mountain to show others that it can be moved. 🏔🥹,” adding, “Comment below: Team 💗 or Team 💙.”

Fans began to pick sides and guess whether they would be welcoming a boy or a girl, with most just hoping for a healthy baby. Like this follower who wrote:

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“Team healthy baby 🤍 Regardless of gender, you will be an amazing mom! I don’t know you, but after seeing you on the ultimatum, you deserve this x100. But from the looks of your bump, I’m guessing a little boy!”

Another noted: “I think it’s a boy. I keep saying it’s the year of the boy because everyone I know is having a boy! I hope you have the best pregnancy and I’m so glad you finally have it happiness you deserve!!!”

April Marie Due Date
April Marie Due Date

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This user shared that they were in a similar situation and said: “I say team girl! I’m also due in August and I’m having a girl 💗 Congratulations again!!” While another’s comment explained why it was better to have a girl, it read:

“Team girl all day!! Having a mini-me is so much fun! Plus, shopping for girls is so much fun ❣️ Pray for a healthy baby regardless! 💕.”

Ecstatic about her pregnancy, she revealed her August due date with her social media followers in an earlier post that included adorable beach snaps of herself. Per OSSTETshe did this shortly after she had just announced the news of her pregnancy.

Marie posted two stunning photos from her trip to the Philippines, where she wore a white tube top and matching thong bikini. She was standing on the beach in the first photo with outstretched hands and a subtle smile.

While the other snap saw her sitting under a beach umbrella, with her hair swept to the side, drawing attention to her growing baby bump. In the captionshe wrote, “Baby Moon in Boracay 🧡🌴👶🏼🌙. DD ~ 08/24/23.”

“The Ultimatum” Alum Announces Pregnancy With Boyfriend, Cody Cooper

Over the moon while expecting her first child, the actress shared the news on Instagram along with a series of heartwarming photos of the couple as OSSTET reported that she also revealed that she had been keeping it a secret.

The pictures on her page showed the pair dressed in matching outfits, with the first picture showing the father-to-be holding the reality TV star in his arms. They smiled for the camera as she showed off the sonogram and pregnancy test kit.

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Other pictures saw them showing off her baby bump, piggybacking and laying on a white bed, lovingly looking at the picture of their baby. She began the caption writing in part, “Made a bestie with my bestie. 🥹. First of all, I still can’t believe I’m actually writing this….”

She revealed that she found out about her pregnancy on December 12, 2022, but decided to keep the news private and cherish their special moments during the first trimester. Despite being told by the doctors that she was not pregnant, she noted that she had a gut feeling that she was carrying a baby, which was immediately proven a week later by the 5-week ultrasound.

Expressing her excitement and cherishing every moment of her pregnancy, the mom-to-be added, “(Ps I hope you look more like me thanks xo) 😂.”

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