Dunki Movie Cast Story Plot Release date Announcement

Dunki Movie Cast, Release date, Story, Plot, Announcement

In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about the latest project of Shahrukh Khan.

Dunki Movie Storyline

Dunki Movie is an upcoming comedy/drama movie which is also the latest collaboration between two iconic figures of Bollywood industry. It all came to light when on 19 april Shahrukh shared a funny revelation video on Instagram. I guess it is also the teaser for movie. Shahrukh Captions the teaser on instagram expressing his cute enthusiasm to work with Hirani. He jokes about staying on the set and also calls him his secret Santa. The teaser was shows us some people walking in a dessert and a plane flying above them. This does not tells us exactly what the movie will be but we have some idea. Since it was confirmed by Director Hirani Himself that it’s a drama with lots of comedy. When SRK asked enthusiastically if there will be romance Hirani says there will be Romance but not Shahrukh Style Romance.

Dunki Movie Cast, Story, Plot, Release date, Announcement
GenereEmotional comedy-drama film
Dunkey CastShah Rukh Khan and Taapsee Pannu
DistributorsJio Studios, Red Chillies Entertainment
ProducersManeesh Sharma, Aditya Chopra
Dunki Release Date22nd December 2023
Movie BudgetRs.100 Crore (Estimate)
DirectorRajkumar Hirani

About the teaser

It was the kind of teaser which you can only expect from the King Khan. The teaser was released yesterday in which we can see the legendary director Rajkumar Hirani and King Khan standing in a theatre talking about all the awesome movies that Rajkumar Hirani had given to Indian Cinema. SRK then asks Hirani that if he does have any movie for him also. In response to that Hirani says that he does have a script which has comedy, drama and maybe a little bit of romance. After that we see Shahrukh saying that he will work for Hirani anyway since he is the best Director in bollywood industry.

After that we see a glimpse of people in desert and a plane flying above them, and The movie name DUNKI appears and disappears on the land.
The teaser came at the time when SRK is all set for his latest Project Pathan which will hit the cinemas on next year. Rocketry The Nambi Effect, Dhoom 4, Brahmastra, Operation Khukri are also set to launch into theatres in upcoming year. So for SRK fans this year gonna be jolly good ride.

Dunki Movie Cast

This future project of Rajkumar Hirani will have King Khan as the lead role and Tapasse pannu as lead actress in the movie. Tapasse pannu is also a great actress who is constantly giving us a taste of good acting and out of the box cinema. She has given the bollywood lovers movies like Pink , Thappad and Haseen Dilruba. So far she has proven herself to be an actress worthy of pairing up with King Khan.
Production and direction will be handled by Rajkumar Hirani Himself. Everyone in the bollywood is aware of the perfectionist Hirani and his methods. He is very keen on finding unique stories and bringing them to screen. It does not matter that it takes him 3 years on average for a new project like PK( starring Amir Khan and Anushka Sharma), MunnaBhai MBBS 1 and 2(starring Sanjay Dutt) and Sanju (STARRING Ranbeer Kappor). All these mentioned movies were masterpieces from RajKumar Hirani. There are still talks going on about MunnaBhai MBBS part 3 but it will likely take time. Hirani mentioned that in interviews that he does not and never had cared about making more movies. Although he do cares about stories and if they are not up to the maThappadrk it gives him nightmares.

Distribution of movie rights and display will be handled by Gouri Khan’s Red Chilly Entertainment and Jio Cinemas. We can assume that this team will bring a blockbuster for us fans who have been disappointed by Bollywood so long.

Dunki Movie Release Date

Hint : SRK calls Hirani his secret Santa in the Instagram post shared on Tuesday April 19. Director Hirani also responds on Twitter Platform in confirmation that the movie will be released on Christmas.

Dunki Movie is supposed to hit cinemas on December 23/ 2022 across the country. We fans of SRK and Hirani will have to wait 8 months for this masterpiece from these legends.

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