IPO Allotment Status – Process & Calculation 2022

IPO Allotment Status – Process & Calculation 2022

IPO Allotment Status, Process & Calculation 2022 – IPO or Initial Public offering is a varied step process to make the shares of a private company reachable to the common masses by generating new stocks. When the news says a company is going public, it basically means that the shares of the company are now being made available to the general public to invest in.

But how does this IPO work, or how can you keep a track of the allotment status? If you want to know the answers to these kinds of questions, then you’re at the right place.

Let’s know about the IPS allotment status, how to know it, and also something about the BSE IPO allotment status along with the allotment status of NSE.

IPO Allotment Process 2022

From the announcement of the company going private till the sale of its shares, IPO allotment is one of the main starting steps in this entire procedure.

The allotment period is the time when every investor gets the time to place in order for the IPO shares for that company.

These IPO applications are open for only a matter of a few days. So, within these days, the investors have to check if they’ve got all the required sufficient funds and the proper net banking credentials.

This IPO allotment is Done entirely by the IPO registrar.

IPO Allotment Status – Process & Calculation 2022

About IPO

When a company is first founded, it does not have any IPOs. It is mainly supported by private investors who are widely called angel investors or venture capitalists.

But when the company is well established and needs some more additional capital for expansion and formulation of other new projects, they open up IPO or Initial Public Offering.

There are some specific conditions that a company needs to meet before it can hold an IPO.

SEBI Conditions on IPO

Upon clarification and allowance by SEBI, the company has to go on for advertising that it intends to go public and wants to make the company shares available to people via new stocks.

The valuation of the company and the valuation of the IPO shares that the company is giving are first calculated. And all these entire processes are overlooked and managed by investment banks.

IPO Allotment Status 2022

The allotment status of the IPO provides specific details about the number of shares offered in a company IPO.

The IPO allotment status can be taken out in various ways. This can be checked through the IPO registrars like Link Intime and KFintech.

BSE IPO allotment status:

You can check your BSE IPO allotment status by following a few steps as provided:

  1. Visit the official BSE site and click on the investor’s option.
  2. Then you’ll find an allotment status check/ application status check.
  3. Here, you have to fill up the required information, which is either your application number or your pan number. And then search
  4. Then you will be able to see the allotment status of the shares in which you’ve invested.

IPO Allotment status NSE:

You can check the NSE IPO allotment status by following the steps provided below.

  1. Visit the official NSE site.
  2. Search for the verified IPO bid/allotment details.
  3. There you have to log in if you’re already registered, or else you’ve to create a newly registered account.
  4. Then you’ll be redirected to a new page. If you’ve got an already registered account, you will directly see the allotment status. Still, if it’s a new registration, you’ll have to provide the pan number or the application number.
  5. Then you can see your IPO allotment status.

Paras Defense IPO Status using linkintime.co.in:

If you want to check the Paras defense IPO status using linkintime, then these are the steps that you have to follow.

  1. Check the website of linkintime i.e.,www.linkintime.co.in .
  2. Here you will see three options on the top pan, application number and DP client I’d.
  3. Select the suitable option for yourself and then select Paras defense IPO from the drop-down list.
  4. In the second space, enter the suitable details and the. Click on search
  5. Then you will be able to see the Paras defense IPO allotment status.

Where to check the IPO allotment status?

You can check any company’s IPO allotment status by using the official sites of the IPO registrars, i.e., Link Intime and KFintech. Here you will just have to enter your pan or your application or your DP client I’d and select the IPO allotment status that you need to know. Then you will see all the details and the allotment status of that company IPO you were searching for.


The IPOs and the entire planning and investment process are not as simple as they appear to the naked eyes on paper.

You need to have some experience in this field to ensure that you just don’t get fooled out. Moreover, these IPO allotments are received by the investors based on a nearly equal system to a lottery. So even if you think of investing in these, there is no exact guarantee that you will be finalized and would be getting a slot for the IPO you want to invest in. So, you must be prepared for any type of result that is going to happen.


When is IPO allotment announced?

IPO allotment is made available to the common masses after nearly one week of the public declaration by the company. The allotment is made available by the IPO registrars.

What credentials do I require for checking the allotment status?

There are just basic credentials required like the pan card, your Demat account number, and just remember the number of shares you have to invest your money into.

Is investing in an IPO safe?

Before investing in any IPO deals, keep in mind that there are no guaranteed results here. This financial market is risky, and no one knows what turns it can take. Keep in mind your limits and never go all out in such types of situations.

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