International Nurses Day 2023: Wishes, Quotes, Poems, Images

International Nurses Day 2023 Wishes, Quotes, Images:- Every year, International Nurses Day is observed worldwide on the 12th of May to honor Nurses’ services to humanity. It’s also the birthday celebration of Florence Nightingale who was an English social reformer, statistician, and the founder of modern nursing. So, this Thursday, 12 May 2023, let’s spread … Read more

जननी सुरक्षा योजना 2022: इस योजना के अंतर्गत प्रसव के दौरान महिलाओं को मिलती है आर्थिक सहायता, ऐसे उठाएं लाभ

Janani Suraksha Yojana Application Form 2022: केंद्र सरकार के द्वारा गरीब परिवार की गर्भवती महिलाओं को आर्थिक मदद देने के लिए जननी सुरक्षा योजना शुरू की गई है। जननी सुरक्षा योजना का लाभ केवल उन महिलाओं को ही मिलता है जो गरीबी रेखा (BPL Card Holder) के नीचे आती है। इस योजना के अंतर्गत गरीब … Read more

RT PCR Report Check: ICMR Covid Test Result

RT PCR Report Check ICMR Covid Test Result– Every suspect of Covid 19 should get the RT PCR test done! Yes, this is for your safety and to ensure that you are not spreading the virus to your peers and family members. Once detected with the Covid 19 positive result, a person must stay … Read more

Vaccine Passport For All Countries, Links & Meaning

Vaccine Passport Download For All Countries, Links & Meaning– Recently, the United States of America’s Connecticut has announced the introduction of the Vaccine Passport. Earlier, you used to need just visas and your passport to travel abroad, but you will now need a vaccine passport to travel along with the earlier required documents. The USA … Read more

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Download using Mobile Number – Full Process

Cowin Vaccine Certificate Download By using Mobile Number– At present, our country India is going through the 3rd phase of the Covid 19 vaccine. Initially, the process was open only for the health and front-line workers. However, with the due course of time, it got open for all the citizens of India. The vaccine is … Read more

Self Registration – New User Login, Cowin Portal Registration

Cowin Self Registration New User Login, Cowin Portal Registration Process details are available here for vaccine slot booking online. Since the existence of Coronavirus, everything seemed to be in a hustle-bustle, and people were striving for a remedy. This is when the Covid 19 vaccine came into being. However, with the growing population, it … Read more

Booster Vaccine Registration 2022 | Submit Booster Shot Online Application

Booster Vaccine Registration 2022, Submit Booster Shot Online Application– Once you had your 1st and 2nd dose of the Covid 19 vaccine, your next task will be to go for a Booster dose and the application for this precaution dose is also the same. You can apply for the Booster shot online itself. Since the … Read more

Cowin App Download, Registration Process, Documents Login Details

Cowin App Download, Registration Process, Required Documents, Login Details– CoWin app is for every Indian citizen to register themselves for vaccine registration. We all are aware of the amount of panic and hype that was created by this threatening Coronavirus in the past two years! People were dying, while some were affected by the virus, … Read more

Digital Health ID Card Registration 2022 ABHA Card Check

Being initiated by the Government of India, ABHA Digital Health Card 2022 is part of the Indian health care system that has helped millions of people across the nation to acquire the cheapest health facilities more easily. ABHA is an acronym being used for Ayushman Bharat Health Account.  It is one of the most important … Read more

Cervical Spondylosis : सर्वाइकल स्पॉन्डिलाइटिस क्या है? कैसे करें बचाव?

आम तौर पर लोगो को सर्वाइकल पैन जिसे सर्वाइकल स्पॉन्डिलाइटिस के नाम से भी जाना जाता है जिसे आज हर घर में युवाओं से लेकर बुजर्गो में देखा जा सकता है. आजकल किशोरों में भी यह समस्या देखने को मिलती है तो चलिए इस बीमारी के बारें में जानते है. क्या है सर्वाइकल स्पॉन्डिलाइटिस? सर्वाइकल … Read more

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